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The fall | corner projection | Claudia up | Juan down 

Projection onto screens, 4m x 3m each, 30 min. loop running at random, 2003-2004  

Installation view Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam

The fall | corner projection | Claudia up | Juan down

The sequences show two dancers falling. Filmed from below through a sheet of Perspex, as well as from all sides. The projected video sequences are juxtaposed on architectural devices. The dancer on the first projection falls with his head pointing down, the second dancer falls with her head pointing up. The third projection is a merge of both pointing downward. The sequences and sound are played at random creating its own choreography and score.

Many great thanks to Claudia de Serpa Soares and Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola

The fall | shifted walls
Dimensions variable, 2004/2019
reconstruction of the museum walls by Frank Gehry
Marta Herford, Herford, Germany

The fall | corner projection | Claudia up | Juan down

Projection directly onto gallery wall 30 min. loop running at random
Dimensions variable, 2003-2004

The fall | study for a wall

c-print, pencil, tape, primer 
61cm x 86cm, 2003-2004

The fall | onto plateau [scale a.giacomettis studio] | double below | fake concrete wall | up-right 

video projection onto model, sound, concrete, wood

Berlin 2008
Collection Museum Moderner Kunst Weserburg, Germany

Architectural device | curved series 
wood, dry wall, cement, video projection,
DVD loop & sound

Berlin 2005, 100cm x 60cm x 33cm
Private collection, Hamburg, Germany

Study | the fall | hitting the crotch

c-print, pencil, tape
61cm x 86cm, 2003-2004

Study | the fall | oh les beaux jours

colour copy onto acitate, colour copy onto paper, gaffa tape, permanent marker, biro
61cm x 86cm, 2002

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