Peter Welz
born 1972, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

Cooper Union, New York, USA

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland


Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
Museum für Moderne Kunst | MMK, Frankfurt, Germany 
Galeria d’Arte Moderna | GAM, Torino, Italy
Weserburg | Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen, Germany
Neue Nationalgalerie, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany
Goetz Collection, Munich, Germany
Falckenberg Collection, Hamburg, Germany
Hoffmann Collection, Berlin, Germany

Private Collections


Casa degli Artisti, Milano, Italy
Artist in residence,

Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, USA
Artist in residence

Centre Cultural Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, Artist in residence

AICA Awards, 2nd best thematic museum show Boston-area, MIT List Visual Art Center, USA

Scholarship GASAG, Berlin, Germany

Kaiserring Scholarship, Museum für Moderne Kunst
Goslar, Germany
Konrad Adenauer Scholarship, EHF, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, Artist in residence


University of Applied Science, HFT Stuttgart, Germany
Professorship for Architecture (BA)

Università IUAV di Venezia, Italy
Faculty of Film & Architecture
Postgraduate (MA), visual techniques



I’m a cage, in search of a bird
MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Falckenberg Collection
Deichtorhallen-Phoenix Hallen, Hamburg, Germany

Hoffmann Collection, Berlin, Germany 

Look at me !
Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection, Locarno, Swiss

Stance & Fall | A wavering world
Marta Herford, Germany

Portrait #4 [AA Bronson]
Galerie Crone, Vienna, Austria

The Foreigner’s Home (screenings):
Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC, USA
The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA


A fist of pure emotion
Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany

Contemporary Chaos
Vestfossen, Oslo, Norway

A strong Desire
PS 120, Berlin, Germany

After White
Fold Gallery, London, UK

Angehaltene Zeit. Bilder vom Tanz
Teatro Central Sevilla, Goethe Institut, Spain
Flyer Berghain | Panoramabar
Berlin, Germany


Cinema & Arti
Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milano, Italy

Centre George Pompidou at TriPostal de Lille, Lille, France

mise - en - scène | architectural portraits
Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin, Germany 

National Museum of Art | Museo Nacional de Arte | MUNAL, Mexico City, Mexico

Chronos | L'arte contemporanea e il suo tempo
Palazzo Botti, Bergamo, Italy

Portrait #3 [out-take | monica vitti]
MIBArt Multimedia Festival 2017, Milano, Italy


Artist Films at Kino International
Concept, Installation and screening,
Kino International, Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Case
Boris Yeltzin Presidential Centre, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Peter Welz | Portrait #2 | Casa Malaparte
Milano Vogue Photo Festival,
Galleria Fumagalli, Milano, Italy


Antonioni | Aux Origines du Pop
(Lo Sguardo di Michelangelo)
La Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France 

Portrait #3 | Antonioni - Vitti
Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany

The Vacancy
Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany

Movement towards formation
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 

Reverse Inequality
Galerie Ebensperger, Berlin, Germany


Künstlerräume 02 | Artist Spaces 02
Weserburg, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen, Germany

Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany

The door is imperceptibly ajar | Samuel Beckett
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

peter welz | portraits and installations
Galleria Fumagalli, Milano, Italy 

Part 2: Figuration, Illustration, Notation und Zeichen
Semjon Contemporary, Berlin, Germany 


Francis Bacon
MOMAT Tokyo, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan

Francis Bacon
Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan 

Whenever on on on noho on
Aichi Triennale 2013, Nagoya, Japan

L’Iselp, Brussels, Belgium

Itinerarios del Video. De LOOP a SCREEN (2003-2013)
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), La Coruña, Spain

EHF 2010
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany 

Andratx on Paper
Centre of Contemporary Art, Mallorca, Spain 

Mies van der Rohe – Casa Malaparte
Model 1:1, Mies van der Rohe, Krefeld, Germany 


EHF 2010
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany 

Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt Main, Germany 

Wall Space
Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin, Germany 

switch on
Galleria Fumagalli, Milano, Italy 


MMK 1991–2011 20 Jahre Gegenwart | 20 years of presence
Frankfurt Main, Germany

Bocconi Art Gallery
Palazzo Roetgen, Università Bocconi, Milano, Italy

Around the clock, Biennale di Venezia, Eventi Collaterali
Venice, Italy

Berlin, Germany

EHF 2010
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

Peter Welz - distorted l’eclisse [after m. antonioni]
Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt Main, Germany


The tale of a blind resistance fighter
Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Berlin, Germany

‘Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten’
Bel-Etage-Projects, Berlin, Germany 

Mesauring potentials
Temporary project space, Berlin, Germany

Longing for... score #1
Biennale di Venezia, eventi collaterali, venice, Italy

All art has been contemporary
Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany 

Inkonstruktion V
Art Biesenthal, Biesenthal, Germany 

From the inside
Rugby Museum, Rugby, England, UK

Hommage à Maurice Béjart
Station du métro m2 Riponne - Maurice Béjart | permanent installation

Reality looks back on me
Museum Kaiserpfalz, Kaiserslautern, Germany


peter welz
National Gallery of Modern Art, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rom, Italy

peter welz
Galleria Senda, Barcelona, Spain

peter welz | recent works and installations
Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo, Italy


it’s too fuckin’ loud, and it’s too fuckin’ fast
Neues Museum Weserburg | Museum for Modern Art, Bremen, Germany

now jump
Nam June Paik Art Center, Inaugural Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

Otto-Dix-Preis 2008
Kunstsammlung Gera, Orangerie, Gera, Germany

Linie 08
Galerie Dina Renninger, Munich, Germany

EHF 2010
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

K-Haus, Vienna, Austria

I can watch my thoughts evolving
Galerie fruehsorge contemporary & Galerie Dina Renninger, Berlin, Germany

figure inscribing a circle | random collage | split [figure] | single – triple
NEXT, Galerie Wernicke, Art Chicago, Chicago, USA


figure inscribing a circle
Museum for Contemporary Art | Museum für Gegenwart, Hamburger Bahnhof,
Berlin at EnBW Showroom, Berlin, Germany

Peter Welz : Pantalla CCCB, one month | one artist

Tanzen. Sehen.
Museum of Contemporary Art | Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, Germany

Ver Bailar. La provocación en el diálogo entre la danzaYlas artes visuales
Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla, Spain

Peter Welz : architectural device for a Forsythe movement
Galeria Senda | Espai 2nous2, Barcelona, Spain

Video art festival, Barcelona, Spain


Corps étrangers
[retranslation | final unfinished portrait]
Musée du Louvre, Galerie de la Melpomène, Paris, France

Museo Museo Museo
GAM - Galleria d´arte moderna e contemporanea | Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art,
Turin, acquisitions 1998 – 2006, Italy

The choreographic turn
MIT, List Visual Art Centre, Boston, USA

Jenseits des Kinos: Die Kunst der Projektion | beyond cinema: the art of projection
Film, Video & Installations from 1965-2005
Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Peter Welz: video-sculpture
The Kitchen, New York, USA

9th Disposition | 9.Übersicht 2005-2006
Sammlung | Collection Hoffmann, Berlin, Germany

Der Raum im zeitgenössischen Tanz und in der zeitgenössischen Plastik /
space in contemporary dance and contemporary sculpture
Märkisches Museum, Witten, Germany

Frozen Motion. Photographs of Dance. Angehaltene Zeit. Bilder vom Tanz.
The Cultural Forum for Photography, c/o Berlin, Berlin, Germany
[travelling exhibition by SK Stiftung Kultur & Goethe Institut]

'Anstoss Berlin | Kunst macht Welt - Art makes the world
Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany

Interactions, corps en mouvement
Festival International d’Art Video de Casablanca
Goethe Institut | Casablanca, Casablanca, Marroko

video-sculpture | architectural device
Art Forum Berlin, solo installation for Gasag Förderpreis, Berlin, Germany

Steiler Konter
Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria

Jump Cut – Nights
Museum Ludwig, Cinema at the Museum Ludwig, SK-Kultur, Köln, Germany


to unsay
Mönchehaus, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Goslar, Germany

Truss Thrust: The Artifice of Space
Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA

The 23rd Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic
The Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovicz Cacak, Belgrade, Serbia

Körper - Leib - Raum, Der Raum im zeitgenössischen Tanz und in der zeitgenössischen Plastik /
space in contemporary dance and contemporary sculpture
Skulpturenmuseum Marl, Marl, Germany

whenever on on on nohow on | airdrawing
The Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA

URBAN REALITIES - Focus Istanbul
Martin – Gropius – Bau, Berlin, Germany

Visioni | Vision
20 sculptural spatial installations from ‘Zero until today’, Bergamo, Italy

Punkt und Linie, Fläche und Raum | surface and space: drawing today
Overbeck Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany


Central Station
La Maison Rouge | Falckenberg Collection at the Foundation d’Antoine Galbert, Paris, France

whenever on on on nohow on | airdrawing
Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin, Germany

whenever on on on nohow on
Deutsche Oper, Frankfurt, Germany   

airdrawing – work in progress
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

ARTissima, Fiera internazionale d'arte contemporanea , Turin, Italy

imPACT 04
Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany


tanzmedial: installationen, fotographie, filme
SK – Stiftung Kultur, Köln, Germany

neue arbeiten für und nach emilio prini | new works for and after emilio prini
projektraum berlin, Germany

the fall | at an 90 angel | on card | on concrete
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

the fall | forward | front | below
Goethe Institute, Baltisches Haus, St. Petersburg, Russia


passages | four projects between art and architecture
Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin, Germany

de waan | the delusion
Odapark, Vincent van Gogh Institute, Venray, Holland


Tramway, Glasgow, Scottland, UK

superchannel | superflex
Kunst-Werke, Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Germany

die Macht der Gewohnheit | the power of the ordinary
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien, Austria

body politics
berlin_london, ICA Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, UK

highspeed | alta velocita
GAM, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, San Pietro in Vincoli, Turin, Italy


Projectroom Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin, Germany

to withdraw
Produzentengalerie, Kiel, Germany

continental shift
Ludwig Forum Aachen, New Nashubi Gallery, Aachen, Germany

post 2000
Festival experimenteller junger Kunst, Berlin, Germany

festival of vision
Tamar Festival Center, Hong Kong, China


Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, USA

Projectroom Gipsstrasse, Berlin, Germany


Catalogues Solo Exhibitions

Peter Welz
Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen 

Peter Welz
Otto-Dix-Preis 2008, Kunstsammlung Gera, Germany

drafts for a [video-] sculpture
Peter Welz, Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt, Germany

to unsay 
Mönchehaus Museum für Moderne Kunst, Goslar ,The Renaissance Society, Chicago more


Catalogues Group Exhibitions

Haltung & Fall | Stance & fall
Museum Marta Herford, Germany

Scalpendi Editore, Milano, Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection

No Fotos on the Dance Floor!
Prestel Verlag, Munich, Germany

Samuel Becketts Spuren im 21. Jahrhundert: Intermediale Transformationen in bildender Kunst und Choreographie
Katharina Knüppel, Epodium Verlag
Gestualités Textualités en danse contemporaine, Stefano Genetti, Édition Hermann, Paris
Contemporary Chaos, Vestfossen Kunstlaborarium Foundation, Norway

Bacon, MoMAT Tokyo, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokkyo & Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan

Aichi Triennale, Nagoya, Japan

DÉS-ORIENTÉ(S), L’Iselp, Brussels, Belgium

D.A.: A Transdisciplinary Handbook of Design Anthropology, Yana Milev, Peter Lang Publishing Group

Disability and modern fiction
Alice Hall, Palgrave MacMillan 

Sammlung MMK, Museum für Moderne Kunst | MMK , Frankfurt, Germany

Around the Clock, Biennale di Venezia, Sengno in Segno, Bergamo, Italy

Zeigen, Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Berlin, Germany

From the inside, Rugby Museum, Rugby, England

Now Jump, Nam June Paik Museum, MJP Press, Korea

Raum - Bewegen Konstruieren Erkunde, transversale hrsg. v. Armen 
Avanessian und Franck Hofmann, München Paderborn 2009

fast forward II, Sammlung Goetz, Sammlung Goetz Verlag, Germany

Gegenbilder, Petra Maria Meyer, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München, Germany

Now Jump, Nam June Paik Museum, MJP Press, Korea 

Bewegen Konstruieren Erkunden, transversale hrsg. v. Armen Avanessian und Franck Hofmann, München Paderborn 2009 

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raduction(s) interview by Noelle Batt, trevue TLE nr. 25, Presses Université Paris 8, France

zeitraumzeit, K-Haus Wien, Folio Verlag, Austria

Linie 08, Galerie Dina Renninger, Diana4 Projekte, Munich, Germany

Tanzen. Sehen, Museum für Gegenwartskunst | Museum for Contemporary Art, Siegen, Germany

Museum für Gegenwartskunst | Museum for Contemporary Art, Siegen, Germany 

corps étrangers, Musée du Louvre, fage éditions, Paris, France 2006

What’s new, pussycat?, recent acquisitions 2002-2005 
Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt|Main, Verlag Moderner Kunst, Nürnberg, Germany

Anstoss Berlin | Kunst macht Welt, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany

Tanz x Skulptur x Raum | ein Lexikon, Nele Lipp, Skulpturenmuseum Marl, Marl, Germany

The 23rd Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic, The Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovicz Cacak, Belgrade

Interactions, corps en mouvement, Festival International d’Art Video de Casablanca

Transversale, research in art & science, european yearbook, Wilhelm Finck Verlag, Germany

Steiler Konter, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria

URBAN REALITIES: Focus Istanbul, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany

Visioni, Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo, Italy

Central Station, Ausstellungskatalog der Sammlung Harald Falckenberg, La Maison Rouge, Paris

Tanzmedial, SK – Stiftung Kultur, Köln

Logboek de waan, Ausstellungskatalog, Stichting Odapark, Venray, NL

Articles in newspapers and art magazines (selection)

Bill Arning, Aspect – the chronicle new media art, volume 9 - performance, April 07

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special feature in including DVD, International Contemporary Art, No.17, March 2007

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3 SAT, Kulturzeit, TV broadcast, Tanzmedial, 10.12.2003

© Peter Welz 2018