Casa Malaparte [curved wall | double]
drywall, cement, projection, cf loop, sound, freestanding fake conret walls, each 440 cm x 248 cm, Berlin 2014
Courtesy: installation view Galerie Crone, Berlin, photo: Marcus Schneider

Casa Malaparte | an architectural portrait

CASA COME ME  is the name  that Curzio Malaparte gave his home on the island of Capri, where he wrote Kaputt, 1944. A remote sanctuary, Malaparte’s house became an artists’ retreat. Welz challenges the viewer to approach the spatial elements of the writer’s abode. The delicate installation of casa malaparte [curved wall | double], 2014, appears surreal in the gallery’s architecture, yet the installation reveals Welz’s interest in the classic modernist shapes.

In the first iteration of his “portrait” series, shown at the Louvre in 2005, Welz collaborated with William Forsythe. The choreographer imagined the making of the last un nished portrait by Francis Bacon as a dance, and Welz transformed those movements into a video installation.

In this second portrait, Malaparte’s house is seen not only as a structure but also as a choreographic space. A narrative is created between that structure and the larger landscape, capturing its appeal and isolation.

We are drawn into several sea views from the windows in casa malaparte [window 01], 2014, looking onto the surrounding rocks and islands. The video projections are installed on large aluminum frames that edge out into
the gallery space. They create a strong physical presenc that alludes to the modernist principles of Malaparte’s house. Yet we cannot see the interior of the rooms—the owners forbid lming inside. Like Malaparte’s home, Welz’s installation provides calmness and seclusion against the splendor of the view on display.

Michael Birchall

Casa Malaparte [window 01 | 04]
Projection, cf loop, sound, aluminium frame, Berlin 2014
Courtesy: installation view Galerie Crone, Berlin, photo: Marcus Schneider

Casa Malaparte [horizon | blurred video]
Projection, cf loop, sound, aluminium frames leaning, Berlin 2016

Proposal for a video sculpture | portrait #2 | Casa Malaparte
the installation consistes of a projection of the windows recreating the actual window size onto a freestanding architectural device [glass | concrete] projection, sound, glass, cement, Berlin 2011

Studies - Casa Malaparte
C - print, pencil, tape, 61cm x 86cm, Berlin 2014

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