The fall | study for a wall

c-print, pencil, tape, primer 
61cm x 86cm, 2003-2004

The fall | onto plateau [scale a.giacomettis studio] | double below | fake concrete wall | up-right 

video projection onto model, sound, concrete, wood

Berlin 2008
Collection Museum Moderner Kunst Weserburg, Germany

Architectural device | curved series 
wood, dry wall, cement, video projection,
DVD loop & sound

Berlin 2005, 100cm x 60cm x 33cm
Private collection, Hamburg, Germany

Study | the fall | hitting the crotch

c-print, pencil, tape
61cm x 86cm, 2003-2004

Study | the fall | oh les beaux jours

colour copy onto acitate, colour copy onto paper, gaffa tape, permanent marker, biro
61cm x 86cm, 2002

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